The potential consequences of oil for Iraq

An article on the potential consequences of oil on Iraq published in a scientific journal in Italy
The political economy of Iraq: Will oil burn democracy?
Iraq is expected to be one of the fastest growing countries in the world, and the country could expel more growth, if oil and gas legislation and regulatory reform are approved. Last few years
Clearly showed that the social and economic problems of Iraq can be attributed to the ineffective use of oil and the weakness of the institutions that have become an obstacle to the provision of basic services. This paper shows that Iraq has made limited economic progress and will show that without
Healthy institutions and social cohesion, it is impossible to achieve remarkable economic progress. Given that oil is the main driver for achieving economic growth, the paper will discuss the possibility of implementing the National Energy Strategy ′ to meet local energy needs; Promote de-level growth
National economy. Improving the standard of living of Iraqi citizens and creating employment. Al-Anal will also show that the new energy strategy can make Iraq one of the strongest economies in the region, but that depends heavily on the existence of sound and strong institutions.
If not, the country could head toward what is commonly referred to as the ′ curse of oil ′
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